Monitoring & Modeling

During the last 20 years, AES has assisted many sources in their needs for a comprehensive monitoring and modeling projects. Our staff is knowledgeable and familiar with the latest ambient air quality monitoring equipment, modeling software, remote control, and continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) advances. We have used certified and advanced models for national projects and SIP projects. Below is a list of common applications that have been reviewed/implemented:

  • Ambient air quality sampling network set-up and measurements for ozone, PM10 and CO
  • US EPA approved air dispersion and receptor models for various applications including:
    • Screening Analyses (Class I Areas),
    • Long transport & chemical deposition,
    • Scenarios with complex trains,
    • Industrial complex (short & long term) models for permitting,
    • Puff dispersion from source location and emergency release, and
    • Traffic air dispersion for roads
    • Visibility & meteorological modeling for EA, EIS or SIP analyses

  • Surface water models including HEC-RAS, HEC1, HEC2, HEC-HMS, HEC-GIS and WATERCAD for different applications
  • Noise measurements and modeling (per US DOT, Cal Tran) for environmental impact statement (EIS) on new highway projects

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