Indoor Air Quality

Our firm has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in identification and analyses of possible risks associated with actual pollutants that may be generated in a building. Typically, these services include a site visit, historical data review, possible sampling and testing, pollutant and risk analyses, equipment performance, and recommendations for possible repair or abatement.

AES staff are familiar with the guidelines and standard operating procedures recommended by OSHA, NIOSH and other professional organizations. We use NVLAP, AIHA accredited and other certified labs for all of our analyses. A few of most common pollutants and their related testing are:

  • Sampling for volatile organic compounds or any other industrial gas generated at a building including vapor intrusion
  • Sampling & testing for trace methamphetamines drug labs
  • Identifying odor, allergens, dust mite or other nuisance
  • Measuring radon gas, electromagnetic fields, and lighting
  • Identifying water leaks that increase mold or bacterial growth
  • Measuring air flow, humidity, temperature for heating, ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC) performance
  • Measuring air quality in confined spaces
  • Sampling for asbestos and lead-based paint for personal monitoring, demolition, remodeling or abatement (see next Section also) projects
  • Review of possible pollution sources in complaints referred to as "sick building syndrome"

On July 25, 2012 AES was selected by the Tempe Award Program Committee for the 2012 Best of Tempe Awards in Home Inspection Services.