Hazardous Waste

AES has excellent resources and qualified staff for providing comprehensive environmental assessment, testing related to hazardous waste services. The staffs are familiar with government rules and grants available for contaminated properties (Brownfields) and the State Assurance Fund (SAF) applications for leaking underground storage tanks (LUST). AES provides a free initial meeting to discuss related requirements and cost estimates.

Employees have reviewed, conducted, and supported the following types of services for multiple sites at major power plants, airports, governmental and commercial properties:

  • RCRA Permitting Review and Strategy
  • HAP Impact Analyses
  • Production Flexibility
  • Emission Estimates & Database Development
  • Health, Impact and Risk Studies & Modeling
  • Lust Characterization & Remediation
  • Compliance Status Review
  • Plant Inspection / Auditing
  • Sampling and Stack Testing (VOC, PM10, metals, etc.) oversight
  • Pollution Prevention and Minimization Techniques

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