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Schedule for Environmental Services
Federal Supply Group: 899 Class: F999
Contract Number: GS-10F-0324S
Special Item Numbers: 899-1, 899-3, 899-8
A Certified 8(a) & Small Disadvantaged Business>
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Company Profile

Applied EnviroSolutions, Inc. (AES) is a multidisciplinary environmental engineering and consulting firm with close to 20 years of experience providing quality service to government Agencies. We pursue federal, state, and local environmental projects and offer many types of services. AES has successfully completed projects in Mexico, in all states nationally but it has focused on the Southwest, including Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, California, Nevada, and Texas and AES is capable of accepting challenging projects in nationally or internationally in other areas.

AES has several professional licenses, insurance, bonding, and certifications from US EPA, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and professional organizations to properly serve its clients. A few include: commercial (#150268) and residential (#199996) contracting licenses from Arizona Registrar of Contractors; EPA certifications for lead-based paint services in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and tribal lands in Region IX; certifications for water and wastewater systems operation, certificate for water and watershed sampling, site investigation and remedial actions; Small Disadvantaged Business and 8(a) programs with the US SBA and Arizona Small Business Administration. AES is contracted for multiple awards with the US GSA and has an application pending for contracts under the SeaPort E (Navy) delivery vehicle for similar services.

AES staff is comprised of experienced professionals who take great pride in providing prompt, thorough, and cost-effective services to meet our clients’ goals. Our staff complies with the latest federal, state, and local environmental quality rules affecting the public and private sector. Our technical staff working on projects for sampling/testing have advanced degrees and all have a B.S. degree, at minimum. All staff members have adequate experience and necessary certifications for the type of projects they have been assigned to. To ensure that they are always updated with the most recently promulgated rules and regulations, they participate in many professional and trade associations that are responsible for developing new rules and standards. They are also members of several professional organizations in the environmental field (i.e. US EPA workshops, Southern Arizona Environmental Management Society, Environmental Professional of Arizona, Air and Waste Management Association, Arizona Association of Industries, Arizona Rock Products Association and Arizona Emergency Response Committee). This also helps the staff to build and maintain effective communications with regulatory agencies regarding their policy and procedures. Additionally, based on each on project specifics and need for experts in related fields, AES assembled its professional associates and subcontractors to provide a stronger team to its clients. This approach provides the lowest overhead and makes AES more competitive. Because of its reputation and experience, AES has built relationship with various major firms and provided environmental engineering services as a subcontractor.

AES has some of the most advanced sampling and testing equipment for conducting their projects accurately. They include XRF, PID, specific sampling and testing instruments, pumps, calibration devices, and QC/QA procedures. In addition, our firm has an IT staff to continuously upgrade office computers, local area networking and other communication hardware/software necessary to serve its clients in the most efficient manners.

In addition, our long-term professional associates (some with Ph.D. level) can assists our clients on any highly specialized project design; risk assessment or modeling projects when they are needed. Our firm believes in upgrading and obtaining new certifications on a continuous basis. AES is capable to add more qualified professional s to its existing staff when there is a demand for major projects or a request by our clients.

AES is currently included in the On-Call List with the City of Tempe, City of Tucson, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), Arizona Department of Administration ADOA, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, Department of Defense (DOD), Navy Marine Corps ( Yuma, AZ), Department of Interior (DOI), Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in San Carlos Irrigation Project, GSA Phoenix office and several major industrial facilities. AES has assisted several municipalities, state and governmental entities with their major environmental projects since 1994. A partial list of these entities is provided below.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Arizona State University
Bureau of Indian Affairs
City of Mesa
City of Holbrook
City of Phoenix
City of Flagstaff
City of Payson
Creighton Elementary School District
Davis Monthan Air Force Base
Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
Maricopa County
Navajo Nation
Red Rock School District
San Carlos Irrigation Project

San Carlos Indian Tribe

City of Scottsdale
City of Tempe
City of Tucson
San Simon Unified School District
Tohono O’Odham Ki Ki Association
US Department Secretary- Nogales, Mexico
US Air Force, Cannon Base, NM
US Bureau of Reclamation
US Department of Agriculture, Phoenix, AZ
US Marine Corps air Station in Yuma, AZ
US GSA Phoenix office
US Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol
US Customs and Border Patrol

Awarded Services

AES is capable and qualified to offer the government following services under each specific special item number (SIN) listed below:

Environmental Impact Statements under NEPA
Geological & Hydrological Investigation and Reports
Endangered Species Investigation and Report
Archeological Investigations and Reports
Noise Surveys, Analysis and Reports
Water System Evaluations and Consulting
Watershed and Other Natural Resource Management Plans
Environmental Program Management and Environmental Regulation Development
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) auditing in support of ISO 14001 Certification
Economic, Technical and Risk Analysis
Identification and Mitigation of Threats
Environmental Site Assessments

Emissions Inventories
Monitoring and Modeling
Environmental Compliance Audits
Compliance Management and Contingency Planning
Air Quality Permitting of PSD Title V, non-Title V and HAPS
Water Permitting for NPWS section 401,402 and 404
Public Hearings Consulting & Negotiation
Mineral Development Reports
Stack Testing
Biological Surveys per NEPA Requirements
Spill Prevention/Control and Countermeasure Plans
Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Pollution Prevention Surveys

Community Right-to-Know Act Reporting Data Collection, Feasibility and Risk Analysis
RCRA/CERCLA Site Investigation
Hazard and/or Non Hazard Exposure Assessments
Waste Characterization and Source Reduction Studies
Review and Recommendation of Waste Tracking or Handling Systems
Waste Management Plans
Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Initiatives
Review of Technologies and Processes Impacting Waste Management
Emergency Response Plans


Standard Off-the-Shelf Courses
Customized Course Development and Computer-based Interactive Courses
On site demonstrations and instruction
Worker and Environmental Protection Courses Related to Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Wastes


Site Preparation, Characterization, Field Investigation, Conservation and Closure
Long Term Monitoring/Long Term Operation (LTM/LTO)
Containment, Monitoring and Reduction of Hazardous Waste Sites
Ordinance Removal and Support
Excavation, Removal, Transportation, Storage, Treatment and/or Disposal of Hazardous Waste
UST/AST Removal
Air Monitoring for VOC and HAPS
Soil Vapor Extraction; Stabilization/Solidification; Bio-Venting
Carbon Absorption and/or Reactive Walls and Containment
Compliance Sampling for OSHA, MSHA and Environmental Permitting
Building Inspections for Biological and Chemical Contamination
Soil, Air, Water and Building Materials Sampling

Ordering/ Payment Address:

Applied EnviroSolutions, Inc.
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Suite 132
Gilbert , AZ 85233 

Contact Representatives:  
Martin Godusi, President
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Zora Godusi, Contract Assistant
(480) 839-7000

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